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Update: THIS 12 WEEK PROGRAM IS NO LONGER FREE AND I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT. I’ll be leaving this review online for those who are considering paying monthly to access it, but in my opinion you can find similar programs online for FREE.

When I was 45 lbs heavier, I was looking for change but I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have the information necessary to commit fully towards a lifestyle change that would make my life better. I decided to start looking on for a starter guide. That is how I found Lee Labrada Lean Body Trainer.

This is a 12 week long full program with workout and nutrition tips. There is a video for each day of the week explaining the goals. This program has helped me get started, I have completed the 12 weeks (not in 12 weeks as I didn’t keep myself consistent) and here are my thoughts on this program:

It is perfect for beginners:

When I started I had no idea of what would work and why. Lee Labrada explains exactly what you need to know in order to get leaner and increase your metabolism. He does so in an easy to understand non overwhelming language. If you read the program overview and watch the videos you will be amazed at how much information you will be able to absorb.

During this program I changed my eating habits, started exercising more and did things the right way. I feel confident that anyone who commits to this program will have amazing results just like I did.

In this program you will be focusing on increasing your metabolism through weight training and cardio. This is a fantastic program for both men and women. Your muscles will become more apparent with this program, but the focus here isn’t to bulk up but get leaner.

It is easy to follow:

You will be able to find an app for the program both for iOS and Android, it is completely FREE (with some advertising of supplements). The app helped a great deal, as it connects with your profile so you can easily keep track of your progress.

Without the app you do have the option to follow this on a web browser here, but I would highly recommend you to get the app so you can keep it with you at the gym as you follow the workout exercises.

To every workout there is a picture of the exercise, to some of them (like the deadlifts) I would recommend you to see a few videos and form check with a trainer. But most of the workouts in the labrada lean body program are easy to perform.

Amazing Results:

The workouts will focus on developing your muscles through high intensity. But don’t be scared, it is actually very manageable. You will be performing 2 reps for most workouts here, 2 of them composed of 12 reps and the last one is until you can lift the weight anymore. Make sure to watch the videos as Labrada explains how much weight you should be using. If you use too little you will be in the gym forever and won’t be getting results.

I have lost most of my weight (45 lbs) through the 12 week Labrada lean body program, and I can tell you: You need to take your nutrition serious. I would say nutrition is about 70% of the work. If you keep your calorie intake in the right place (the app features a calculator for this) and your macro nutrients intake balanced (there also a feature for that on the app), you will be definitely getting results.

I also highly recommend you use MyFitnessPal app (for iOS and Android), so you can keep track of your daily nutrition. If you don’t keep track of the nutrition you will end up making a lot of mistakes and not getting results.

I also recommend you check out Body Weight Burn for weight loss and a workout program you can do at home without gym equipment!

Conclusion of Lee Labrada Lean Body Trainer:

If you are looking to get leaner but you don’t know much about fitness, then Labrada Lean Body 12 Week Program is perfect for you!

You will definitely increase your metabolism, get more muscular and burn a lot of fat with this well put together program.

Learn more about it with this video:

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