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My Experience with a Low Carb High Fat Diet

In November 15th 2016 I started the ketogenic diet. It is a low carb high fat diet, and it has provided me with consistent results I couldn’t get with any other diet.

Here are some key points of my experience:

-Water loss and anti-inflammatory

When I started the diet I was weighing about 252lbs, in the first 14 days I dropped to 245lbs. Now that sounds amazing; however I now know that was mostly water weight loss.

On a low carb diet your body tends to retain less water, because of lower insulin, minerals and glycogen levels. But I also did lose fat, and I was noticeably leaner.

I am now on day 30 of following this low carb high fat diet, I am now slowing down on my weight loss. But it is still happening and now it is mostly fat.

The ketogenic diet is also anti-inflammatory, which caused me to look a lot slimmer from the first week.

-Low Appetite

I have always suffered from binge eating and that made it hard for me to follow a low fat high fiber diet. But with a low carb high fat diet you don’t feel hungry. Dealing with my binge was easy; all I had to do was keep my mind busy.

Eating because you are bored is the worst way to deal with boredom. And I have to say, this blog is helping me stay busy in the long term.

The low appetite has helped me not only deal with the binge and stick to the diet. It has also completely changed my view on food. I now only eat when my body needs fuel.

A diet that helps not only you burn body fat, but also lowers your appetite is definitely the way to go for fat loss.

-Increased Focus

On a low carb high fat diet you feel sharper. This is something I have been experiencing, and I love it.

Diets that consist of too much sugar, refined carbs, alcohol and caffeine tend to be unhealthy for you brain. It can cause low energy/fatigue, trouble concentrating, anxiety, forgetfulness and irritability. This is called brain fogging.

I highly recommend you read Grain Brain in order to understand why this “brain fog” happens on a high carb diet.

After the first week of the ketogenic diet, I felt a lot clearer in my head. I also felt less irritable and now I can concentrate for longer periods of time.

I wish I had started this diet sooner.


The ketogenic diet is an amazing low carb high fat diet. It has many benefits that go far beyond weight control. If you are looking to lose fat, feel better, de-bloat, control your binge or deal with diabetes and high blood pressure. Consider starting the ketogenic diet.

It has been great for me; I never had as good of an experience with any other diet and I highly recommend it.

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