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Fitness Blog Progress Report #1

This week I was able to shed 2 lbs of body fat. Getting me down to 241 lbs, even though I have stopped counting calories. This fitness blog has been steadily growing with content as I educate myself and progress.

The main topics explored this week were the topics of how muscles work and how do they grow. You can read more about these articles here:

5 Most Common Muscle Building Mistakes

How do Muscles Grow

I have been going to the gym about 3 times weekly. I am now getting a lot more out of my workouts than before. After writing a few articles on muscle growth I realized I wasn’t working out with the right intensity.

Before educating myself on the topics, I was going to the gym just to get the exercise started. But I would quickly lose motivation because I wasn’t seeing a lot of results. Now, every time I step in the gym I am determined to work my muscles until exhaustion. I understand how to get the results I wanted.

Here are a few things I wish I had done better this week:

Counted calories: I stopped counting calories out of laziness. I normally stick to counting calories when I eat packaged foods (since all I have to is scan the barcode), but now that I am eating more natural foods, I have been having some trouble counting the calories and sticking to my macros.

However I am always controlling my portion sizes, and steering away from binge eating. And these behaviors have helped me keep my progress. I will later create a post on healthy habits; habits like these will help you overcome some challenges when pursuing your fitness goals.

Besides counting calories, I feel like this has been a great week. I hope to keep my progress.

Here are my plans for next week:

I need to increase the intensity of my workouts to make them more effective. Also, I need to keep an eye on the frequency of my workouts I don’t want to risk overtraining.

Developing a workout program for myself is also one of my goals. So far I was following Lee Labrada’s Lean Body Program (a free app from the community). And I am on my last day of this program. I’ll post my review of this program later this week.

Another goal for next week is to get my nutrition in order. I want to reach my goal of 210 lbs by March 1st 2017. That means I have to burn through 31 lbs of bodyfat in the next 74 days. This means I need to burn about 3 lbs of fat every week.

To me that seems like an extreme goal, so I will not expect to reach it so fast. However I’ll do my best to aim for 2 to 3 lbs of fat loss per week.

Blog goals:

I just started to learn how to make nice looking graphics for the blog. I want to include at least 3 images on every post, one of them being a high quality banner.

Creating high quality info-graphics are another goal of mine. I really believe the best way to digest the information from this fitness blog will be through info-graphics.

I am currently planning on creating a free info product package with high value and offer it in exchange for visitor e-mails. Also, focusing on generating more traffic is always going to be a goal. I just broke through the first 1000 visitors in the first week of this fitness blog. I want to reach more people with my journey.


This has been a very productive week, both for my blog and my fitness goals. The further I progress the more I understand on how to do things right. It might take a bit more adaptation for me to things at the highest possible quality, but I know I’m stepping in the right direction.

This blog has been an amazing way for me to keep track of my progress and it has also been providing me with motivation to continue my journey. I want to be able to inspire more people to start their life changing journeys.


Have a great week ahead,

Nicolas Kao.

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