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An extreme weight loss diet has to be performed with patience. You can’t hope for quick results, instead focus on consistent ones.

In this post I’m going to tell you how to attain your consistency and become able of sticking with your progress. I’ll also share with you a diet I recommend following. Always consult with a doctor before making radical changes to your health.

Before we get into the science of melting body fat, let’s define the mindset you need in order to succeed with your weight loss journey.

1- Mindset.

When I first got started with my weight loss journey, I kept putting it back on my priorities. After a few months had passed, I felt a lot of regret for not having taken it more seriously.

If you could have started 6 months ago, wouldn’t you have?

Don’t push this any further than it has to, start NOW. An extreme weight loss diet is a journey that you will participate in for life.

Once you attain the body you want, you still have to be able to maintain it. In order to do this, you need to be aware of how your nutrition, mindset and lifestyle affects your health.

The mindset you NEED to have: This is a lifelong process, day by day you will be getting a little bit better. Over months and years you will have achieved your goal. 

Now that you understand this, I’ll be telling you that there are ways to get somewhat quick results in a healthy manner. And that is done by placing your body in a state called ketosis.

2- Understanding Your Body Fat.

In order to burn body fat efficiently you will place your body in a ketogenic state.

The best way to understand this is by imagining your body has two fuel tanks:

-The carb fuel tank: It is the most accessible fuel tank, therefore your body is going to use it first.

-The fat fuel tank: It is stored fuel for when our ancestors would go through hard times in wilderness, therefore it is harder to tap into this fuel.

By putting your body into a ketogenic state, you are nearly depleting the carb fuel tank, this way your body will be almost always burning fat with every single effort you make.

Ketosis is all about consuming less carbs and using fat as a fuel. An extreme weight loss diet will most of the time be a low carb diet.

There is however on type of carb that you can consume, and those are fibers. That is why everyone preaches that veggies and salads are the best way to lose weight. Although they are not wrong, there is much more to it.

In order to burn the most body fat, I recommend a low-carb diet and a balanced exercise program (aerobic + anaerobic exercises).

3- The Extreme Weight Loss Diet

I’ll be recommending a science based extreme diet that is good for both men and women; the two week diet.

The extreme weight loss diet takes full advantage of ketosis. Before you get started you need to have a few things in mind:

The “Keto Flu”:

If this is your first time cutting carbs to an extreme on your diet, you probably haven’t noticed how addicted we are to carbs. Once you cut them, you will go through a bit of a “withdraw” from them. That may cause you to feel a bit sick for a few days.

Symptoms of the keto flu include: headaches, nausea, upset stomach, lack of mental clarity (brain fog), sleepiness and fatigue.

When you start a low-carb diet, you will be losing a lot of water. Make sure you stay hydrated and this can help lessen the symptoms of the keto flu, water also helps your body burn fat, so always make sure you are drinking at least 8 oz. of water.

Electrolytes will also help manage the symptoms, table salt and potassium are recommended. But the best is to take a multi-vitamin and a multi-mineral supplement. Such as this one.

Eating Fat:

If you are not eating carbs as a source of energy, then you will be eating fat. Not just any type of fat. Healthy fats!

Anything organic and unprocessed should be safe, such as animal fat (lot’s of bacon) and vegetable fat.

But have in mind, just because you have to eat more fat than carbs, doesn’t mean you have to eat loads and loads of fat. You still have to take into consideration your caloric intake, which varies from person to person.

You can learn a lot more about what to eat on the two week diet, they include a cookbook with 100+ fat loss recipes.


You don’t have to diet for 6 months straight, allow yourself to live a little. Personally I prefer to cycle my diet with 4 weeks, I do a 4 week diet and then for 2 weeks I give myself some distance from the diet.

The important thing is not to exaggerate when you break your cycle, try to stay within your caloric intake for weight loss. But eat a bit more carbs then you would on the diet. And always have in mind that you will go back to the diet for a few more weeks.

You will need some discipline and organizational skills in order to perform this correctly, don’t break the cycle and then never go back to it, that would just be giving up on your diet.

4- conclusion

In order to follow an extreme weight loss diet, you need to be in the right mindset and be aware of how your body utilizes fat.

After you have those foundations, you can start following a program. I highly recommend the Two-Week Diet. Many people have followed it and they can also say it works. It is a science based diet taking advantage of ketosis in order to promote maximum efficiency in body fat bruning.

Follow the two week diet here:


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