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Getting into Ketosis means to get your body into an efficient fat shredding state. In this guide I’ll tell you my secret to enter ketosis quickly.

Over the past year, I have been in and out of ketosis a number of times. I have developed what I believe to be the most efficient way into ketosis.

And here, I’ll share it with you in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Mindset and Evironment Preparation

Getting into ketosis also means to be ready to maintain it. Which as you know will require you to lay off and stay off the carbs.

Preparing your mindset to accept the fact that you will not be having that delicious cake for a while is critical to the maintenance of a ketogenic state.

What is the point of entering ketosis quickly if you will get off of it in a day.

I recommend locking up all the carbs in your kitchen. If you live in a big family, try to make some space in the fridge for your food. And when you get into the kitchen, ignore everything else but your special food area.

Also, try to plan your meals beforehand. If you have a plan of attack, it is going to be waaaay easier than just trying to wing it. After all, not having a plan is having a plan to fail.

Another good tip is to start stocking up on water bottles in the room you spend most time in. You will be needing tons of water to entering ketosis quickly.

Step 2 – A lot of water…for a 12 hours fast

I don’t want this guide to be one of those generic “just drink tons of water and all your problems will be solved” health guru tips. But, in this case we are going to perform a 12 to 24 hour fast (do it as you feel more comfortable).

And for this fast, we will need to stay hydrated for our LIGHT exercise.

Burning through the carbs will be a lot faster if you start some type of exercise whilst in a fasted state.

For your exercise, you want to pick something light that you can perform for a minimum of 30 minutes. Go out on a jog, or spend some time at the pool.

You don’t want to do any intense exercise here, it can shock your body. If you don’t feel like a fast is for you, then just be mindful of the amount of food you eat or try to take the exercise to the next level with something more prolonged (not intense).

The secret here is to spend your energy without pushing yourself too hard.

This is the main pillar of my “enter ketosis quickly guide”.

Step 3 – Testing

How do you know you are entering ketosis? You can look for signs such as:

-You feel less hungry

-You feel more thirsty

-You feel more energetic and focused

Or just do yourself a favor and buy some ketone testing strips from amazon. You pee in it and it changes color, it’s a lot more fun (but have in mind that if you urine is clear, the testing strip might be inaccurate due to dilution).

If you are still not in ketosis after a couple of days (maybe 3), don’t worry it will happen at some point as long as you stay off of carbs and spend more energy than you consume. Just keep at it and keep testing.

Enter Ketosis Quickly Conclusion

This is it, these are my 3 simple steps to entering ketosis quickly. The important thing about this method is really the fasting accompanied by the light exercise.

If you are looking for a diet in the style of the ketogenic diet, something that works fast and is providing people with amazing results check out the Two Week Diet. 

Hope you accomplish your fitness goals, good luck!

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