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Following a diet can require a lot of discipline and dedication to follow a new routine. When I got started with the ketogenic diet I was able to follow it straight for 2 months before starting to slack. Cycling your diet can help you indulge in your cravings without causing damage to your body. In this post I’ll share with you how I’ve been able to follow my diet and stick with it for months and months without worrying about dropping the ball.

Why Cycle The Diet?

As I said above, cycling your diet can help you stick with it for longer. By cycling your diet you will be able to indulge in your cravings in a controlled manner, by knowing that you will get back to your diet during a specific date.

There are other benefits too:

  • Helps you maintain your body after you have reached your target weight
  • Allows for a few exaggerated cheat days when planned correctly
  • Keeps you dedicated to your fitness goals
  • Stops you from feeling overwhelmed by what you CAN’T eat

Cycling your diet is nothing more than scheduling a few days where you will drop your diet completely (but keep your calories in check). This is specially helpful when it comes to the ketogenic diet that can be very strict regarding carbs. Every now and then we just feel the impulses to fill our faces with cake.

Now, as I said, you have to keep your calorie intake steady, unless you don’t mind putting on a few pounds sometimes. Mastering the cycle and your macros will help you master your fitness.

How To Cycle It?

It’s very simple to cycle your diet, just choose how many days you are willing to dedicate to following your diet (for the ketogenic diet, I recommend at least 10 days) and how many days you want to be off of your diet (it can be as little as 2 days or as much as 14, but I don’t recommend going over that number).

Have in mind that by cycling your diet, you will be getting your results slower. So, if you want to burn fat quickly, keep your days of being off diet to 2 days or less.

Cycling comes in handy when we already reached our target weights and want to maintain it.

The most important part in cycling your diet comes to planning ahead. Get your calendar and make sure you know the dates when you will be off diet, don’t get lazy and end up forgetting to get back in your diet.

Also, make sure you don’t buy too many things in the grocery store that don’t belong to your diet, I recommend cycling for eating out only.


Cycling your diet can be an extremely useful practice when maintaining your target weight or to help control your craving.

But, it can be detrimental to your diet if you don’t plan ahead and end up going too wild.

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