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Achieving ketosis can take some time if you don’t know what you are doing. In this quick guide I’ll give you some tips I have used to get my body into a ketogenics state in three days.

For this guide I’m assuming you are already cutting your carbs and following an appropriate macro.

Let’s get started with these three easy steps!

Step 1 : 12 to 16 hour fasting

When I knock myself off of ketosis and I want to get it back quick I’ll normally do a 16 hour fast. This helps me organize my diet for the rest of the day. During this fast you want to start getting into the mindset of not consuming a lot of carbs of sugars.

If you don’t want to do a fast, you would have to start cutting your carbs slowly throughout the week.

In my experience fasting has helped my body adjust for ketosis faster. I was able to get into ketosis within 2 days after a 24 hour fast, although I would not recommend you do that.

When you enter a fast, your body starts expending your energy sources quicker. In this case, it will help you deplete your glucose reserve faster.

Light exercise can help you deplete your carbs faster. I recommend a short 30-minute walk.

Step 2 : Drink lots of water

The ketogenic diet is known for reducing the amount of water in your body. Once you try achieving ketosis it is also good that you prepare for the water-loss.

Making sure you stay hydrated during your adjustment to ketosis can help you avoid some of the side effects like the keto flu.

Water can also help you with the fasting, if you decide to go on that path.

Whenever I put my body into the ketogenic state I try to consume at least 5 bottles of water during the day.

Step 3 : Make sure you are achieving ketosis

How do you know you have achieved ketosis? I use these urine keto testing strips.

Just pee on them and in a few minutes it should tell you the level of ketones you have present in your body.

You should also feel different when in a ketogenic state. Feeling more energetic, less hungry, thirsty and with more clarity are signs your body has achieved ketosis.


Achieving ketosis can be done quickly and efficiently. This guide is especially good if you are planning on getting out of ketosis for the weekend.

Fasting, exercising lightly, drinking lots of water and testing goes a long way in getting your body into a ketogenic state.

Always be responsible when getting into ketosis, it’s always best to ease into things. This guide is based on my personal experience getting into ketosis in a few days.

If you would like a full guide on a short and efficient ketogenic diet, I recommend the two-week diet.

Achieving Ketosis Quick Guide
Article Name
Achieving Ketosis Quick Guide
Achieving ketosis can take some time if you don't know what you are doing. In this quick guide I'll give you some tips I have used to get my body into a ketogenics state in three days.

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