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Who am I?

“My goal is to inspire people to take life changing action and empower them to take control of their bodies, health and mind. The fitness journey can be very arduous, when you don’t know how to start and what are the best practices to achieve your personal health goals. I want to inspire people to always be their best, not only physically but also mentally. That is why I started the fitness blog: Project Fitness Mastery.”

My name is Nicolas Kao, in January 2015 I was going through one of the darkest points in my life. At 22 years old I was obese and had a very negative mindset towards my body. But, In 2016 everything changed. I decided to take action, since then I have changed my situation for the better. So far I have lost over 42 lbs, but my journey is far from over. My mission is to share all the key elements necessary to creating change in your life. Getting fit is much more than a physical battle, it is also a psychological one. I believe anyone can create positive change in their lives, but first we need to have the right perspective towards change.

My need for a lifestyle change and the need to share knowledge were the biggest inspirations for me to create this fitness blog.


The Mission

In this fitness blog, I’ll share with you my progress and all the information I know custom-paper-writing.com/blog/outline-for-a-term-paper about weight loss (specially the Ketogenic Diet); muscle building, calisthenics and nutrition. You will have access to all this information for free. My articles and info-graphics will provide you with all the knowledge necessary in order for you to get in the right mindset, become motivated and accomplish your goals.

Most of my content is going to consist of: Nutrition, recipes, diet programs, bodybuilding programs, reviews, how to lose weight, how to build muscle and much more!

However, I am also going to focus on the mindset necessary to initiate lasting change. All changes and transformations are hard. We need to be in the proper mindset otherwise the motivation will fade. I will share with you my mistakes and victories, as I believe they are equally important.

You will learn how to lose weight the right way, burning body fat efficiently, how to stay lean and conquer other fitness goals. You can access all my recommended resources through the menu, which consist of supplements; diet programs, kitchen tools, exercise equipment and more cool stuff!

I want you to succeed in the pursuit of your fitness goals. If you ever feel like you are stuck don’t hesitate to use the comments section bellow! Or you can also use this contact form, to get in touch with me personally.

My Current Fitness Goals

Reach 210lbs (current weight 243lbs)

Reach 10% Bodyfat

Start building muscle

pounds lost since I started the blog


Current body fat

What I Hope To Achieve With This Fitness Blog

My Current Situation

I am 6’5″ and weigh about 243lbs. When I started I was nearly 285lbs. It took me 8 months to burn those 42lbs and I have learned a lot from the experience.

In the past I had already lost and gained weight, but I had never tried to understand the methods behind it. I used to think like most people: “you exercise more and eat less to lose weight”. Although this is true, it isn’t the most efficient perspective on getting fit and healthy.

Changing your lifestyle is the secret. Everything you do and think about must be directed towards achieving your fitness goal. I had to change my behavior and attitude regarding food and exercise. I know how hard it can be. That’s why we must accept fitness as a long term process.

Once you change your lifestyle and behavior, everything else will come with patience and hard work.

My Goal

I started Project Fitness Mastery as my way of sharing the knowledge I wish I had many years ago. But it is also a great tool to keep myself accountable and disciplines to my goals, which are:

  • Get to a regular BMI (I am at the moment a 28.8, which is overweight).
  • Get to 10% body fat (I am currently around a 25% BF).
  • Build more muscle mass.
  • Be able to perform all body weight exercises (calisthenics).
  • Reach at least 20,000 readers every month!
  • Create high quality content on the ketogenic diet.

The Future

I want this fitness blog to become one of the best resources for anyone looking for a lifestyle change thorugh the ketogenic diet. I’ll do my best to keep it updated with fresh and high quality content.

As I advance in my goals, I’ll be setting new ones. With each of the goals in progress, you will receive all the information I can gather about the topic.



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