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5 Amazing benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is growing in popularity among health professionals and average people looking to lose weight.

Many low-carb diets have had controversial coverage over the fat-phobic media. Not all fat is bad, in fact many types of fat possesses multiple health benefits, like the Omega-3 fat.

Low-carb diets like the ketogenic tend to promote higher rates of fat loss. Also, they provide you with plenty of health benefits. In this post we are going to explore the 5 most beneficial characteristics of the ketogenic diet.

  • Increased Weight Loss

Carbs act as an energy source to our bodies. If your goal is to lose fat efficiently, you should stay away from consuming too many carbs in order to start burning through your fat reserves.

Cutting carbohydrates from your diet is one of the simplest ways to make your body burn fat instead of carbs.

In many studies the ketogenic and other low-carb diets have outperformed most other diets when it comes to weight loss. These low-carb diets tend to increase the weight loss by as much as 3 times!

  • Lowered Appetite

Following a low carb diet tends to reduce your insulin levels, which causes a natural suppression of appetite.

So many people look for appetite suppressing supplements in order to help with their diets. With the ketogenic diet, you won’t need those.

This is just another reason as to why it is so much easier to lose weight with a low-carb diet.

  • Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin

In our bodies, carbs are broken down into sugar. From this point they enter the blood stream and elevate blood sugar levels. Then your body responds with insulin which brings the glucose of the sugar to the cells, to either burn it or store as fat.

For many healthy individuals, the quick surge in insulin tends to minimize the blood sugar spike. However, many people develop what is called “insulin resistance”. This can lead to diabetes type-2.

One of the solutions for this problem is to cut sugars and carbs from your diet. That is why the ketogenic diet is beneficial for lowering your blood sugar and insulin.

  • Lowered Blood Pressure

In a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, over 100 obese and overweight individuals were selected into two groups. Many of these individuals had health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

The first group was assigned to follow the ketogenic diet, consuming less than 20 grams of carbs a day. The second groups received a drug for weight loss drug Orlistat, three times a day and were advised to follow a low fat diet.

The results of this experiment showed the weight loss was similar in the two groups. The low-carb diet group lost an average of 10% of their body weight; and the Orlistat group lost an average of 8.5%. But researchers found that the low-carb group had a continuous decrease in blood pressure, while the Orlistat group didn’t present the same pattern.

Blood pressure can lead to multiple cardiovascular diseases and many other health related issues.

The ketogenic diet can help you lower your blood pressure and keep a healthy heart.

  • Brain Function

Another amazing benefit of this diet; improved clarity of thought, memory recall, improved learning and more.

A research found that the ketogenic diet was shown to increase ATP levels, and the number of mitochondria in the brain.

Also, when you consume too many carbs you may experience what is called Brain Fog.


If you plan on losing weight, lowering your blood sugar, insulin, blood pressure, increase your brain function and you want to have a lower appetite throughout the day, consider following the ketogenic diet.

It is a very interesting diet  and I highly recommend researching it a bit more.


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